Karl and Jan are incredible to work with in such big projects. When you put your trust in having someone build your home, you hope that the event will not be too stressful. Karl and Jan from Prestige Homes are incredibly considerate and always keep the paying customer in mind. Simply put, they make it easy on you, and deliver the project above expectations. We have just started on out new project and the sense that they will deliver an exceptional product, par none. For customers that have discerning tastes that want a quantity home with great builders you can’t go wrong with Prestige Homes!


Charles and Connie

Mary O’Hara

In the summer of 2007, we looked extensively in the GTA to buy a new custom home for our retirement. But despite all our efforts, we couldn’t find any property that remotely met the layout and features we were looking for! At the start, we were apprehensive and very reluctant to build given our minimal knowledge of home construction processes and issues involved. However Jan proved to be very reassuring and committed right from the outset in August 2007 till the home completion only six months later in January 2008!

It was exciting right from the start, sitting down with Jan and his architect over several work sessions to design the home with the layout and principal features that were important to us. They were able to adjust and incorporate our vision into a beautiful design. The execution phase from start to finish went smoothly and efficiently for two fundamental reasons: (1) Jan has extensive experience in building custom homes with an intuitive feel for the right design, layout and knowledge of what works and what doesn’t, and (2) Jan has an excellent team including architect and skilled and experienced trades people for all aspects of custom home building.

Ranjit Kumar
As we reflect back on our construction process of our custom home, we really appreciate the memorable experience! Watching and interfacing almost daily with Jan and his team and seeing the successful progression from one stage to the next was both exciting and delightful! Jan addressed our various requests for changes to internal layout, features and additions during the construction process – showing flexibility and accommodation that is very important for overall customer satisfaction. All construction materials used were of the highest standard. Construction schedules and timing were meticulously met despite variable weather conditions. The final product is outstanding! Semma Kumar
We decided to make a full renovation of our home in Lorne Park in October of 2010. After interviewing few local builders We had signed with Prestige Homes. In hindsight we could tell that this was a great decision. We have moved back to a totally renovated house in April 2011 and it is beautiful. Jan and Karl, as well as all their crew, are totally professional and a pleasure to work with. Workmanship, quality of materials used, sense of design and efficiency was of highest order. We would highly recommend Prestige Homes to most demanding clientele looking for a great home ! Jola and Peter
Prestige Homes assisted us with all stages of building our custom home, from start to finish and it was all efficient. From the design drawings with their architect and designer, to approved permit for construction in four months. Six months later we moved in for Christmas. They are not just great home builders with skilled trades; they also have an excellent sense for design. Jan and Karl’s experience, having worked hands on through the whole process, was clearly evident because they always could suggest what works best for room layouts, trim, flooring and kitchen. We cannot imagine a better team to work with. Bill and Anne Marie
Remodeling one’s home is a major undertaking. Prestige Homes made the process a lot easier for us through their professionalism, quality craftsmanship and fair pricing. They even when out of their way to perform additional duties and repairs that normally would cost extra but included it with the job. Your team of professionals is very knowledgeable about all aspects of the required work to be completed; from the design elements involved to the range of materials we had the opinion of choosing. Jan and his son Karl were always there when you needed assistance. We found them to be very attentive to our needs and flexible to provide alternative ideas, demonstrating great taste and creative solutions. Their sense of design and architectural knowledge is quite exceptional. We would not hesitate to turn to Prestige Homes in the future. We know they are trustworthy, great to work with and most importantly the quality of work is excellent, especially when the project is completed in a timely manner. We are extremely pleased and proud of the final product and without a hesitation recommend Jan and Karl of Prestige Homes to everyone. Faron and Jeno
I had a great experience with the whole process of building our custom home from input with design to beginning construction to all the other stages in the process. It was amazing to me how many changes I felt were needed and how Karl and his construction team were willing to listen and offer suggestions to assist me with what I envisioned (and it turned out exactly as I envisioned). Some of the things that people do not consider when building a custom home are the little things you notice after the process is done. Karl/Jan and their team were readily available with after service (not that any was needed). Mike
We were very pleased with Prestige homes and the quality of their work in completing our renovation project. Jan and Karl were highly professional in planning and completing our project. They were always on time, prompt and displayed integrity in every aspect of our renovation. We were able to make a number of changes and additions to the project as the renovation progressed. Karl was excellent in doing all the unanticipated things that came up and they were always able to accommodate our requests. We would highly recommend Prestige Homes and would have no hesitation in using them again for our next project. Leo and Nadine